Monday, June 22, 2009

♥ frienship 4ever ♥

msBAOER n mii

msPEIYING n mii

10 pose
haha..playing vf msBAOER n msPEIYING
friendship 4ever n ever arh

Monday, June 15, 2009

♥ cycle cyle life ♥

fr0m t0day 0nwards.
i bc0me pers0nal driver..
n0t car bicycle.kaka..
bt i reli enj0y it..wh0se pers0nal driver neh?
sure msBA0ER nah..she is n0t cyclist wa. .>.<
s0 i hv t0 fetch her.if n0t the sun burn wil melt her.
actuali is n0t her fault wa.
uni hv mani small hills..make mii s0 tired geh.

lunch we have it at air con restaurant.. t0o h0t..
mii eat penang fried kuew teuw. msBA0ER eat chicken ch0p.
damn full wa..

nite i went f0r y0ga clas.
suffering.. wuwuw.b0nes s0 pain..
msMANDY so swt wa..gv s0 high level p0se.
hate her.kaka..

msBA0ER come centre meet mii then v g0 f0r dinner.
her frens als0 c0ming o.
finally i saw her EN MUMMI.
luks not much different frm pics nah.i can rec0gnise..
n msBA0ER ' kin g0r' kaka.. XD

msBA0ER pr0mise mii g0 f0r supper.
kaka.. finally i can hv my ind0mee as supper. damn hapi wa.
bt my lens make mii s0 suffer.
eyesight sudenly bc0me bad.
s0 c0ld w0r the wheather last nite.
n the swt swt m0vie..h0rrible!!
bac h0me again we play pets s0ciety till 4am
kaka.2 crazy ppl.



Sunday, June 14, 2009

♥ Ba0er supper - turtle mee ♥

this is msBAOER luvly supper wa..
turtle mee
actualy vv nice nah.
s0 t0uch wa.
although tonite dunhv indomee
but gt turtle mee.stil vv hapi geh..XD
i finish all 0o..

gt one cockroach try to eat our turtle mee..scare scare

next supper = egg
lol..dunwan gv so big expectation sin.
if not wil cry later

thx for all this.
great to be ur fren..

i do appreciate u nah..^^

♥ ms .KEXIN
♥s0 full er.3am supper♥

♥ 当我们同在一起 ♥



Just be with mii~~

p/s s0 touch w0r..ba0er make mii
but y i feel s0 scare geh?kaka

♥ ms .KEXIN
♥ B for Ba0er K for Kexin