Monday, July 12, 2010

♥7 - 11 ♥

today is baby sh big day..♥♥
lets check out what we have done for the whole day.
1st station --->
PAPARICH de garden
we love this restaurant.thumbs up!

gang of us.=]

well.i love this picha so much.~

one of the dessert that day..i love tea.

on the way to baby angel's house.

baby paris..=] fall asleep in my arm.

next station ----.
KBOX ipoh & jusco.

E.M.O~ like this feel

ya..funs!! i love k.


3 of us. =]

pretty popo.


met up with mr.patrick tan.~ that day is his off day.~

copy his standard pose. XD funny sia.

next station --->

our dinner..
nice tomyam & green tea blended.thumbs up !!

tomyam udon!

our bday gal..^^

i want to eat u..RICE!! haha

they both loookkkk alike !!!

next station --->
FREN's cafe.

i love the environment thr.
we play hard..!! XD crazy
lets check it out how crazy we are..

happy birthday to my baby SH.
i love all the secret recipe's cake we bought that day.
it was just too yummy.

presents for baby..FOLIO's clock and wood toys.
+ braun buffel purse frm me and baby angel.

HAPiiii bdaee baby~

yes the craziest coming..--

paulaner VS hoegaarden.

my honey..she is half way to drunk.


they love me so much.XD n so do i.


yashh!!! they done it finally..clapssss.

PRO hor..hahaha XD

the next day..
we watch twilight 3 - eclipse..
♥♥love my edward..XD ♥♥

thats our simple bday celebration with my baby sh..
hope she like all this..♥♥

♥Sunshine,A day off ♥

sunny day.
a day off for us.
wish i could have this always.
hang out.
oh..i want europe countries' life so badly..!

a short photoshooting session for that day.
theme - NOKIA.


crazy pics session.with my darling~

love to be with u guys~

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

♥ Family ♥

today is angel's grandpa birthday.
yea.after my 6pm class..i drove to ipoh..with my baby sh.
the party was held at MP restaurant.
a restaurant of steamboat buffet.

our food..
i ate alot man..
and baby sh ate so many fishball..( coz it is the only food she can eat..hw choosy )

yaya..main character.---->

see yeye so handsome~!

baby angel and yeye. =]

3 cakes for that night.

happy 84th birthday to yeye..^^

some pics that we took that nite

my angel baby love her love her.

baby sh n me.

this is my cute son..==

his standard pose =.='''

angel's mom...^^ she is soo kind to me.


sweet couple..can see their love in between..? XD

crazyyy!! haha

this is not prohibitted..( under age )

group pic before back..