Wednesday, June 30, 2010

♥ ParisNism ♥

allow me to introduce my god daughter..
paris is her name.
sweet rite..XD xiix.
she belongs to my baby angeline..

wil upload some of her cute pics soon..=]
love her..sooooo much


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

♥ O.U.T.I.N.G 2 ♥

27 june 2010
wake up early in the morning as usual.
rush for my shower and make up with super lightning fast.
and i m starving.
we went one utama paoxiang bak kut teh for our breakfast
as we have one we called it ' tam jiak' girl. angelinebaby, we cant finish up our meal.
see this..guess u all can know why.

and this is my dai gah jie look..== with my paris hilton new purse..^^♥
this is my pissed off face..dun try to challenge me..LOL
this meal cost us rm128.70..ouch its pain.but its really nice..can have a try.

after that we met up with nickson and bibii.
gosh my leg is crazy pain that time cause of my high heel..this is what we call girl la.
dragging my leg,i bought 2 super girl tee.=]

while waiting my dear juni to buy her cinnabon.^^ and my baby fall aslp.== hahaXD

we leaved one utama around baby's bro was going back to ipoh and he needed baby to fetch him to bus station.
i took a shower,feel fresh.
we had our dinner in one restaurant in kuchai lama.
see our delicious food.the famous food there.

omg..this lala nice and spicy.~!

next sweet hut before we back to kampar..XD
can guess how deep our love to sweet hut?=pp

this cookies ice cream with pancake.its nice.=]♥

almond hot drink.juni's favourite.♥

next ===== crazy photo session..

i like this pic..when we squeeze together.XD

nickson dropped us at ktm station.

kampar ------------------------- byebye to kl..

next trips..planning..=]
my bday is coming soon.♥♥

Monday, June 28, 2010

♥ O.U.T.I.N.G ♥

Its been months i didn't update my blog.
i would like to update my recent life.

since i have promised my babe angeline to visit her in kl, with my baby sh and my dear juni,
we heading to kl on friday night by ktm.
first time and my last time for me to take train.!
bad experience i would said that.

25 june 2010
we reach ktm around 1am.
my brother nickson picked me up at ktm.
i m starving that time i she bring me to dolphin cafe.
as i heard from them the cafe is open for 24 hours.
how cool..
i took my supper and some alchohol. ( as i m thirsty ) XD
around 3am,we reached angeline house..
super lightning fast.i took a shower and sleep.

26 june 2010
we overslept..we woke up at 9 something.
when we got ourselves was around 11am.
nickson and bibii waited for us in one fishhead noodle station ( i have forgotten the name)
by the way.the noodle was just nice.!!
after that we heading to pavilion.^^
we reached there around 12 something.
i like pavilion..=] the

jennifer tse ( nicholas tse 's sister )
yea.i got her autograph pic and guess notebook..
btw she looks arrogant and pretty sweet..^^ our first meeting with her in pavilion.

jeffrey.guess he is familiar to us.XD he looks just too great. admire ^

baby angeline bought one braun buffel wallet for her special one.
and at last we bought another braun buffel purse for sh baby too.
nice brand and its provide wholelife service.
this is what i m satisfy with.XD
paris hilton purse..this is what i bought for myself.

next station.our high tea..UHUHU cheese.OMG.! it was justttt tooooo delicious..XD
( blueberry.oreo.mocha....)

Alice in the wonderland

aiming one burberry shoulder bag!~ xixixi..XD

we heading to midvalley for our dinner after that.
we choose kopitiam ..^^

nickson bring us for movie at times square just after our dinner
thanks for accompany me for whole nite my bro.
knight and tom cruise and cameron diaz..
i love it !!!!!! i love movie.XD
again..our supper.! sweethut.( famous dessert shop in HK )
my dear juni addicted to it. we love tongsui..

( to be continue ~ )