Friday, July 3, 2009

♥ Megan Fox ♥

i love her
♥ Megan Fox ♥

Thursday, July 2, 2009

♥ 29 june 09 ♥

29 june 09
is msbaoer bday..=.=
this is the 1st time i celebrate vf her.
kaka..although v kn0w each 0ther f0r alm0st 3 years. swt h0r. =.='''

m0rning her dady fetch her back fr0m h0met0wn.
then she went f0r clas. til 6am w0r.
then n i g0 fetch her after her clas dismiss.
v wait finish her v0lleyball training wa..
damn h0t m0squit0 kip 0n biting 0ur legs..swt swt swt
v back h0me at 9pm
then v think 0f headed t0 ip0h. kaka..
c0z ms.baoer dunwan celebrate vf others.
just mii n
( i gv j0r dep0sit n make app0intment de wa)
s0 swt her clasmates c0me h0use with0ut permissi0n w0r.
ya..i saw tat s2p head..grrhh
stared stared stared him..!!

after simple celebrati0n at h0me
v went sushi king f0r dinner damn hungry erh..
i took unagi set n msbaoer took salmon set while took spicy mee we have prepared cake ch0colate banana de wa..
bt c0z of tat stupid plastic our cake spoiled..wuwuwu

after dinner we went f0r westlake..
aiy0y0.. ms.baoer wana see BOOM car..din come 2day erh..
we gv her our presents. mickey watch for her.
dun0 she likes it or not la..xD

after tat v go 21st century to buy one bucket of heneiken
c0z msbaoer said..she ad 18 can drink wor.

bac home i finish 2 bottles. msbaoer 1 bottles.
aint faint erh..
webcam vf wendy dear.
she said mii drunk wor..kaka

hapi days..
1st celebration vf msbaoer


♥ transf0rmer ♥

Transf0rmer 2 : REVENGE of the FALLEN

yea.i waited this f0r l0ng time ad..
finally i watched it..kaka..1st scene on 23 JUNE
with msBAOER, msGF n L.PEI at ip0h parade.
damn sy0k XD

Mem0rable day f0r mii.
vf my l0vely frens n fav0urite movie v reach thr one hour b4 the movie.
keep on taking pics wa..
mii n msBAOER wearing couple NIKE
movie started by explaning
how the aut0r0bots coorperate vf human soldiers
fight vf
the deceptic0ns left ar0und the w0rld.

th0se parts
damn f0rmal..i shouted..kaka msBAOER n Pei din watch 1st epis0d.
so they dun0 wad they r acting n alm0st fall aslp wa.. =.=''

this epis0d main characters stil remain as SAM ( shia labeouf)
i love him wa.. =]
and new characters..
h0ttest gurl MIKAELA ( megan f0x)

my sexy sexy
LOVE her WA!!!

funny parts..
-- when sam reading the text books in the lecture hall
t0uching parts..
-- when optimus prime die when pr0tecting sam
nerv0us parts..
-- s0ldiers n aut0r0bots fight vf deceptic0ns in the desert
sweet sweet parts..
-- sam said out I LOVE YOU to mikaera when he is awake

feel like myself in the swt shout like hell vf msBAOER lol xD
when c0me to the ending mii n msBAOER clap hand bt only we 2 d0ing this.
swt..s0 many ppl stared at us..

wat w0r? nice m0vie n 1st scene..
sh0uld respect n gv a big applause mah..angry nia !!

alth0ugh i have 8am clas tmr m0rning tat day i stil feel it is w0rth
1st scene..!!! damn c0ol..
must watch 0o..although is hard t0 get the ticket n0w.



wearing the same NIKE Tee

p/s i watch transf0rmer 2 twice..crazy..
i cant wait for hary p0rter..yuh0o..