Friday, September 18, 2009

❤ picture st0ry f0r sept 09❤ PART 2

last friday after hubii msba0er exam.
v went ip0h for movie wa
although the next day i exam i stil insist go er,
s0 brave h0r.kaka
then v having one day family again la..

mii hubii baby chew2 n pei going
hapi hapi family day wa~
reach jusc0 abt 7 s0mething then v g0 kfc hv our dinner
tat stupiid chew2 din tel mii he din eat kfc de w0r
make mii s0 guilty c0z is my idea g0 eat de.
then acc hubii g0 buy c0smetic.
tat salegal attitude s0 bad.hate her.grrhh
i bought one new lens frm hubii fren,
bt nid t0 wait
hate till n0w stil din give mii w0r.
my eyes wil red red again de ma

v watch final destination4
actuali v wanna go f0r 1st scene for long time d de.
bt scare s0 diin go
s0 disgusting w0r..alm0st vomit out
the wh0le movie i kip shouting onli..s2p.
b4 movie v went to play basketball wa
machine de la.
haha..thn g0 take pics again..

after movie baby fetch pei bac hm
she wan rec0gnise r0ad herself wor
dunwan pei n hubii tel her
s0 v drive like stupid..aiks
thn bring hubii bac home c c her house
c0z hubii dady dun0 she bac ipoh so v din go inside lur
jux say hi to hubii mummi onli..

reach kampar v went ghany for supper
damn hungri.
hubii kip on playing i-phone wor.
then mii studying lur
guilty d ma

anyway..hapi family day ma
although the movie vv geli~haha

Thursday, September 17, 2009

❤ picture st0ry f0r sept 09❤

wendy dear c0me meet mii at kampar last few weeks.
but feel s0 eyes pain n red
let dear see my stupid looks vf specs d..wuwu
s0 shy.
n feel s0 s0ri to her c0z my eyes make her cnt take mani pics as she expect
we din take foto sticker.feel s0ri to her.

dear reach kampar at nite.
sh gf bring dear come G2 find mii..
i studying f0r exam tat time.
mandy n shapo ying acc mii studying at tat noisy ar we all.
damn hungry tat time.s0 we went for dinner at station R
chit chat f0r almost 2 hours
shapo ying treat us w0r.touching T_T

the next day v went ipoh to meet my hubii msba0er
v overnite at her house f0r one nite..
1st v went hubii shop say hi to mummi daddii
then go jusco shoping
at nite v having steamb0at diner with hubii family.
yummy w0r.

the next day v went ipoh parade shoping noh
this time hubii din f0low erh
i bought one ESPRIT sunglass
rm300 erh..heart pain.
then v start taking pics while waiting for specs adjustment.

after tat v g0 do nail art at hip hop area
having promotion erh tat time.

after tat v went for dinner.
famous chicken rice in ipoh..s0 yummi wa
bt i cnt finish all..

at 9 something sh gf n mii fetch dear back nilai.
damn tired tat time
reach nilai at 11 something
thn v have McD supper..
this is nt the 1st time having thr..

say bye bye to dear thn v bac kampar.
reach hm at around 4 something..
tired tired
hapi days with dear..mis her


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

♥ Memorable night at G2 ♥

i know G2 from my shapo ying today.
great the first day i joined this club n bec0me member it is the 1st anniversary of G2
and they are organizing a singing competition for celebration
shapo want me join at first
but i so shy so i din take this offer.
because of dear gf disappointed on me..
i feel sad actualy.

we went there at around 6pm
saw my dear mandy at there as well..
so we stay there to support her..because of this i skip my last english tutorial clas.
i know my tutor mr.selva sure miss me so much.
wuwu.sorry la..
my dear more important.^^

so nervous wa my dear.
she din prepare at all and suddenly being called to take this competition.
she choose ahmei song..( blue sky)
is a mandarin song actualy
she sing pretty nice wa..attracting us..

the whole nite function is damn funny actualy
presented by a cold MC,makes me feel like want to kill him
but sometimes his cold joke makes me laugh out loud..
there are too many audiences and supporters
the environment seems lost control.
i cant realy listen clearly to the songs.
geram..ish ish~

finally when the result is released
my dear mandy get the champion price.
we shout like hell
realy happy for her..^^

we go ghany for dinner.
damn hungry..
mandy dear treat us wa..~
congratulations to my dear.
your first championship..
is a memorable night that you bring for us..


♥ Memorable night at G2 ♥