Monday, October 12, 2009


i m taking my driving lesson now.
i have delayed for 2 years
( after form 5 i still din fulfilled the age limit coz of my bday is on JULY n i went kl at may..)
after getting my L license..
i start my driving lesson.
wa0..1st time knowing tat driving car is not an easy case..
coz those kn0w driving friends told mii tat is easy..cheat..
yea..maybe coz i din hv tat basic n feeling well..towards CAR function.
ok..1st lesson..i drive to TANJUNG PIANDANG
well is quite far..
from my house to thr..20 minutes journey..
quite excited that the car is controlling by mii..
haha..quite 38
1st time driving wa..
2nd less0n i drive to TANJUNG PIANDANG as well..
n c0z is raining..s0 scary..wuuw
n today i learn 3 point turn and hill t0o..
next lesson wil be parking..
hope i can cope it well..
i wan my license n my NEW CAR as dady promised wil buy mii one..
kaka XD

p/s my legs damn pain..T_T
worrying my hubii..she is sick..hope someone take good care of her..

Thursday, October 8, 2009


i m n0w thinking this..
can we change our destiny ourselves?
or we make our destiny ourselves?
our whole life is decided by who?
y we always said tat destiny is playing us around..?

i m moody today..
totally disappointed on her.
she is s0 close to mii when secondary sch time..
we pass by s0 many times together..
play, study, eat, shopping..
why u change s0 simultaneously?
i merely cant rec0gnise her..
standing infront of tat her tat s0 close to mii?

i cry n sad c0z of her
hubii t0ld mi dun to be sad.
bec0z this is the r0ad she ch00se for her own self.
i als0 cant d0 anything.
maybe she think this is a happy way for her..
i als0 cant said anything.
just wish u all the best n g0od luck..

Monday, October 5, 2009


3 of oct..
yea i went langkawi.
f0r praying..with family n uncles
we planned tat start journey at 6am.
bt failed..c0z we woke up at 6am
all plans are spoiled..kaka XD
we t0ok our breakfast at batu curry rice..yummy
vv ful..then dady speed t0 kuala perlis jetty..
abt 1 n half hour we reached jetty..hurray break rec0rd again..XD
during the journey..i m s0 tired..n jux slp..n feel dizzy c0z of dady's car speed.
reached jetty..we meet up uncle lai n uncle daniel
1st time met them..cnt rec0gnise them..and i keep taking pics ignore them
feel so sori..XD

when we reached the ferry jux went away..
s0 unlucky T_T
we have t0 wait f0r another ferry at 10am
waited f0r almost one hour..
daddy them went f0r tea..
i din folow s0 mii t0ok pics at jetty..^^
slpy n tired look T_T

use sunglas cover slpy eyes..ishh !!

around 10am the ferry reached.
the ferry quite stable c0z tat day did nt have str0ng wave
if nt i sure vomit...sick
we reached langkawi jetty at 11am
waited f0r uncle to fetch us c0z our rented van gt pr0blem
straight away go temple for praying..
we are late..aiks..
after praying dadii n uncles them ate rice with curry fish, lamb,chicken.
luk s0 i have no appetite..
feeling dizzy..
after tat we went hotel for check in..
i slp whole afternoon at hotel
feeling nt well..T_T
baby gf said i went langkawi for slping de wor..XD
daddii n uncles them went playing golf at resort..
mumii n br0 went for shopping..

i woke up at 6 something..
hehe..c0z feel hungry..cnt slp anymore.
after bath n xiang xiang myself..
i start taking pics..XD

daddii fetch us at around 7 something
we went dinner.
at one seafood restaurant..forget the name..
mani foreigner r there
europe china taiwan japan
queue wait f0r the seat..
shock mii..c0z i m starving tat time..
haha..luckily we have reserved seat

we are s0 happi t0 get seats..

dady force mii to drink wine n eat s0 mani things..full wa..XD
then we went for ktv lounge at bayview hotel.
ish terrible ~
oldies songs catagories..GAP!!! the 1st time i went ktv n sit there whole nite to choose songs for ppl..
mii n br0 jx sing 2 songs tat nite
uncles n dadii them crazy high...all DRUNK
funny uncle lee's look..make us laugh whole nite..
c0z he is fat ( 100kg)
he is drunk,cnt stand well.walk like snake..
nid 4 ppl to help him to bac hotel..ALAMAK
funny man..~!!

the next day..mii br0 n mummi walked to town areas to have a look..
wa0..gastric..faster g0 get f0od..
damn expensive,
br0 ordered one YONG TAU FOO cost rm10.
shock himm
he said he wil never eat tat again..kaka
we bought mani ch0colates at ch0co valley..
c0sted us rm200..

gt ferrero rocher, andes mint choco, hasley almond choco...

is raining heavily b4 we back to jetty
dady drop us at shoping mall to buy bro's stuff..CONVERSE
while they went to buy wines n brandy..

we went jetty after that..prepare to back home
b4 tat i bought one dress at NAPEL it muchiiee

then say BYE BYE to langkawi...

t0ok inside ferry..silly


p/s tired trip...aiks..T_T


Saturday, October 3, 2009


t0day i went n cut my hair agen.XD
c0z i dun like my curent hair style.
like vv messy.
n my dear MANDY said l0ng fringe make mii luk s0 slpy
s0 finally i decide t0 try a new hair style

yea my hairs is br0ken.
c0z last time i perm it then straighten it then dye it
0mg is a messy grass
s0 tat stylist keep on cut n cut n cut
scare my l0ng hair wil bec0me sh0rt hair..
the main p0int is i cut my l0ng fringe int0 short..
it can be c0mbed t0 side n center..
yea i like this flexible..
as i can change my hair style acc0rding t0 my m0od that day..

i get s0me c0mments abt my new hair style.
s0me said luk y0unger
s0me said luk cute.. ( i hate cute! )
bt m0st of that are p0sitive c0mments
i feel relief n relax..
hope they din cheat mii
hmmm... =p

p/s LANGKAWI i m c0ming s0on...start j0urney at 6am.hope i can wake up..XD

Friday, October 2, 2009


after finish all papers i bac h0met0wn.
yeAh. N.T i m back.
exam papers damn t0ugh.hope i can pass all~GOD BLESS MII

ya i have n0 transportati0n at hometown
s0 shy. i stil dun0 hw to drive a car..
tmr i m goin to have pra L talk.
and can start learning car..shhh~shy enuf.
hope i can settle all within this 2 weeks holiday.
then i can drive back kampar..kakaXD

this sunday we have a family trip to LANGKAWI.
actuali is to pray thr.
bt is a long time we din go for travel.
so i wil treat it as a family trip..^^

this holiday i have planned mani things..
1. kl trip with hubii n baby gf ( wil go after holiday )
2. malacca trip to meet my twins wendy.
3. cut my messy hair
4. bring hubii to my hometown then shoping at penang.

wuwuw..i think all plans are spoiled..
c0z dady dun let mii out..
i think onli can g0 after sem break.
which means 1st week of new sem.

i bought ESPRIT sunglas n DIOR perfume last m0nth..
reli like it..
although it realy c0sts mii al0t..

p/s HUAN said mii n hubii luk alike recently w0r..
JUDGE n c..^^

Thursday, October 1, 2009