Monday, December 28, 2009


20 DEC 09

just after my exam..i heading to malacca for my vacation..
and the main purpose is to meet my honey lp..miss her muchiee =]
remember last time went there is about 1 years ago..
when i was studying at kl..
the memory is still fresh.but the relationship between ppl have changed..~
my baby fetch me there..
we reached there around 3pm..
pick lp up..then heading to pizza hut at malacca baru..
that is the place i 1st time meet lp..kaka..i remember the toilet well..~
we ordered thai seafood pizza..while baby n lp have their spaghetti..
after that went bac lp house..drop all things..
and say hi to lp's daddy mumy..
so damn touching..they treat us friendly and i feel so happy..
especially lp's mummy..we chatting about facial..
hahaha~ so pro right?
we changed clothes..i add one jacket..
coz we want to go dataran pahlawan for movie..
w0w w0w w0w...!!! damn nice movie..b4 that i have heard it is nice..
so i insist wana watch first lp's friends wana watch body guard..~
after the a good choice..
i love AVATAR..
i watched it twice..( watch it ytd with daddy)

after mv..we went jonker walk..
gosh so jam that time..
our car moved like a turtle..
reach jonker we eat HARMEE for dinner..hungry that time..
somemore boss forget our meal..ish..wait til very late.
so we start taking picha~

we start shopping..
hahaha.bought same shoes~ lp n stella sis..~
went around taking picha..
so horrible..under one big tree..
many birds
then suddenly...lp shout..~ the shit shit drop on lp's hand
we run away like hell.. damn funny that time..

21 DEC 09
today we wake up early..
is lp's mummy bday..
we gonna g0 shopping to choose lp's mummy present..
we went lp's ahma c c
eat some noodles..forget wads the name d.
after that..
we go jonker walk thr..
for our lunch..
haha.if i din eat this..i wil regret till die
we queue up..
so long...aiks..~but is worth it..c0z is damn nice..

after paid..we went D.pahlawan.
reach there we heading to book cake 1st.
is a layer cake.
quite special..i haven saw this cake..
so i called it roti canai cake..
after that we shopping noh..
buy one shoes for lp's mummy..
then took the cake back home for preparation.
we gonna eat seafood that night
so excited man.
coz i always saw lp update blog..intro mii many yummy food..
finally i can eat..kaka..
thanks lp's daddy mummy for the dinner treatment
aprreciate.. =.=

full till~~
reach home..we start make TANGYUAN..
haha~ maybe u wonder whats that.
later i show ya picha.then u all know it..

this is made by lp n stella sis..kaka~ how?
so funny shape right? but is cute..~
we sing bday song for lp's mummy..
and cut cake..

leng mummy with cake n tangyuan..weird..kaka XD
lp made mii one juicy greentea drink.
same as starbucks de 0o..

after that..they are crazy..
mummy baby..playing..c their good job..

as they said..this is the angry face..~ lol..

21 DEC 09

we acc stella sis went her daddy's office.
she was listening to amali that day
pity her..she cant join us ~
we wake up morning then go breakfast..
lol..lp today wear same clothes style as mii..
we din pakat de o.
after went into mummy's car we onli found out..
i m so damn tired..
slp inside car like piggy..~
going back home after picking up lp's cousin sis..
playing inside room..
taking pre wedding album pichas

do we look alike? haha~ XD

my own picha~

after that we went dreamb0x sing k
b4 that we drive thru MCD as lunch..

sing til our throat pain like hell..
heading to satay celup..~
1st time makan..haha~

yummy wa..
bac damn sad.
heard tat stella sis kena chicken pox.
at night we bath then went WINGZ cafe..
haix..that night realy sucks.
Iphone ghost camera application make us scare til..
din really enjoy the environment n songs
bad memory..


Thursday, December 17, 2009

♥ ktar - RUSSIAN FOOD ♥

today we have been invited by our cool friends..

for ktar HOTEL courses lunch..

quite a new thing for mii.
c0z i haven try this kind of food before.

scare it will like a weird taste that i cant accept..

but after taste yummy..
just because we are too full..s0 cant really enj0y the yummy..
stephanie serve our table..

after that a student frm HOTEL MANAGEMENT course..
she is the waitress of us..

tel us the dishes that is going to serve for us..
she damn funny de loh.. nervous wa..
n talk so softly..until i cant really kn0w wat is she talking..

and she forget some..
need a cue card to remind de wa..~

i swt =.=!!

1st meal - our appetizer.. soup - seafood chowder served with soft roll..

lol..tat is not a soft a very tough like rocks roll..~

2nd meal
Fish - Roulade Dorry fish with thai noodle salad n soy Vinalgrette

this dishes i like it m0st..~^^ is sour sweet..~

3rd meal -main course
Poached chicken chopped serve with capers sauce and acc by
spinachau Grantin and stired with fried Jardiniere celery and shitake mushroom..

very long name..kaka. .
actualy gt some cheese macroroni,vege,mushroom n chicken

the waitress put some oil inside my plate n light up small fire on it wa.
i shock n c.. lol..
want mii eat fire wa..

bt is nice taste..
jux i m too full ..cnt finish it..


desert - puff..
yummy wa..~
lp said we are bad c0z sent her this pics..haha~

is a nice experience la..
haha..1st time being served by ppl so friendly n kindly in sch restaurant.
and shocked to see so new things..
RUSSIAN food..
thx stephanie la..~

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

♥ dear c0usin sis wedding PENANG + KL♥

This is what i have waiting for so damn long time..
hanling cousin sis wedding..
remember that when we are young..we usually play together with hanjian n hanyee br0..
just when their whole family moved to sabah..
we have zero contact..
when they backed to kl..for study..we meet again..n CLOSE..happy..^^

hanling sis is a nice girl.. of us. for sure is a good sis n good wife..
wish her happy..let me show u all the great wedding..XD

11/28 morning

mii with the gangs of BROTHERS..
i get angpau on that day..XD shout loud~


Lucas Stephy Joyce Eric

Jayce n Stephy

Jayce - Stephy - James

Lucas Jayce Stephy James

Jayce Stephy Christer Helen

Family picss..c my dady s0 drunk n crazy!!

CHIM's gals n MII..~cool

12/5 NIGHT


he is kind..fetch us here n there..^^

our table..^^ on that nite..with all relatives..

yea is just a nice memories for us..
all relative gathering n have wonderful time..
appreciates all ~

p/s i jux upload those foto got mii..haha..c0z is too mani fotos..~

my dear sis..pretty pls clap ur hand..^^

Sunday, November 29, 2009

♥ P for PRESENTS ♥

yea..finally i received those presents frm AUS
as i have waited for long long time....
hahaha..XD i like it s0 damn muchiiee.
thanks for all this.....i wil appreciate it..^^

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


21 OCT
Today as usual is our family day again
mii hubii baby chew n pui gujie have movie again
we went jusco kinta city, had two movie that day ( Tsunami & Sorority Row )
damn excited..
MOVIE DAY ma..s0 is cheaper..
i met my classmates gang..they having same movie as us als0..
1st movie tsunami make mii n hubii cry like hell..
and funny is i don't know this is korean movie..
so touching until our eyeliner and mascara almost spoil..
after movie we ran into toilet to check our look..funny h0r.
and we continue for our 2nd movie sorority row.
heard that is a nice movie..talking about a gang of high school graduated girl..
but is quite bloody n scary..
i hold my baby hand so tight..

22 OCT
we went kl today as we have planned it during semester break.
yipee.finally we made it..and my twins dear is coming to meet up us that day
we went one utama..
wait hubii back frm uni..make up
then headed for one utama..
whole journey hubii them slp de wa..
tired cause they having m0rning class..
then i acc baby chat n0h..scare she fall asleep..

my baby miss ampang taiwan fishball mihun s0up..
then we went ampang for breakfast n0h..
and pui gujie bought korea nian ga0.
i said wrongly to the staff.i said fried nian ga0..hmm.embrassing..
ampang derek sp0il hubii pink baby
s0 hate him..!!

after that we went one utama..
lost in the jungle..
lol..we reach sunway already..haha..
finaly at 4pm we find the way to one utama and reach there..
1st we went toilet check our look..
while waiting baby..we t0ok s0 mani picha..

then we start shopping and fighting
but at first i bought nothing erh..fucking sad.
i hungry caused just now din eat much at ampang there.
so baby bring mii to Mcd buy fillet burger and orea McFlurry for gujie..XD
cant find hubii wa..they went new wings d..swt..
and bought superher0..quite nice..XD
after that we went cinema take ticket..
c0z we have booked it earlier..
MeatBall 3D..we waited for long time d..

baby bought baskin robin nt nice..t0o sweet for mii
i prefer haagen daaz..~
at last we throw the cone..what a waste..
but i t0ok down the ice cream picha..c~~

sweet sweet de..n0t nice..
but at last hubii b0ught one ice cream taste yummy..
mango durian passion fruit and soursop..
i prefer mang0 flav0ur..
family set ha..sweet nia..XD
thanks hubii for that..

YEAH finaly saw yishi0n..
is hard to find this outlet..last time at kampar got one but close d..sad.
i like the jacket muchiee..
but i cnt find i want de..
baby said bought one long jacket..then we share share w0h.
my twins dear said nice wa i wear..hapi hapi XD
price is cheaper coz having pr0m0tion..
we bought one long shirt t0o..nice..
after paid then we went japanese snack shop..
hubii them bought alot..
at that time my twins dear called mii..but i cant realy heard what is she talking
line n service s0 bad maybe we at undergr0und that time.
twins dear cnt find out where are we..
so we have our dinner separately..

we went sakae..
1st time eat wa..nice..
made order using computer system..hehe..
we swallow all the foods super fast..
coz we left with 30 mins to finish up and rush to cinema in new wings ( we at old wings)
quite nice the food..yummy..!!

after paid..we went cinema.
luckily we can find out the way to cinema very fast
then before the movie start..
we ask others to help us take one family picha..kacak~

haha..can c who is who?? twins dear is late if not we can take picha together..
then i saw my twins dear walked in.with ahlai..aiya.sit behind us w0h.
that stupid ahlai keep calling my name to make sure.then ask mii i can see them or not..
haha..sweat i sure can see them..but they cant see mii onli..~
baby slept in cinema..waste!!

think wana went starbucki after movie de.
but is late already so ahlai bring us to mamak stall at seksyen 2..
heard that is very famous mamak..
we just drink only..
twins dear and ahlai eat roti canai..quite special..
thanks ahlai for the drink..he treated us de..XD
he said he wana keep fit and give him 2 months time to slim.
cant waited to see.
twins dear said he try hard for it..gambateh nerhh!!
we t0ok picha..oil n i m s0 ugly...i din satisfied with those picha..T_T

after that say bye bye to twins dear n ahlai..
we back home..tired journey.
hubii them all sleep d..~
reach kampar at 3 something..sms my twins dear and tel her
so sad twins dear cant make it we have less picha..
but it was a

family day again.but my hubii fall sick..
we want watch jennifer pokerking and mj this is it.
but all full d..s0 we choose MJ this is it..
nice shooting..
yea i dun0 MJ well..but this movie showing his talent and dedicati0n..
i really salute to him..
hope is not too late that i knew him through this movie.

before movie we went kenny r0ger for dinner..
ya..!! nice wa..although long time din eat d..but still yummy..
haha.hubii said our baby eat s0 clean
( coz beside our table that baby eat til all floor is rices and muffin..)
thanks g0d our baby so sweet..hehe.XD
next movie

today hapi wa..c0z we went jusco to watch jennifer.
i went cinema 3 times d but not yet watch..
i super love megan fox de..
so this movie i must watch..
we fetch up chew at kampar..then went hubii house..
wa0..that day hubii super girlish..
shy wa hubii said..kaka..
love her.. C~
hubii with bo bo dress de w0h..sweet enough..
went cinema..late we bought night ticket..
4pm onli so we went for lunch 1st..hungry ma..
takahasi the name of restaurant.It was the first time we eat thr..
so large the size of food..
full up to neck..
i cant finish it at last..waste again
cheat us that the ice cream is haagen daaz wa..ceh..low class.
hubii bought bb cream then we back hubii house..
aiks..6pm dinner time..
we not dare to say we eat already..
so we eat abit onli..
hubii dady said..we eat so little only..then we laugh behind.
after that went jusc0 for movie..
nice wa.
n my id0l is s0 hot!!!!!!!!
although is bloody...kekeke..
i love her..!!!

after that back kampar......

Monday, October 12, 2009


i m taking my driving lesson now.
i have delayed for 2 years
( after form 5 i still din fulfilled the age limit coz of my bday is on JULY n i went kl at may..)
after getting my L license..
i start my driving lesson.
wa0..1st time knowing tat driving car is not an easy case..
coz those kn0w driving friends told mii tat is easy..cheat..
yea..maybe coz i din hv tat basic n feeling well..towards CAR function.
ok..1st lesson..i drive to TANJUNG PIANDANG
well is quite far..
from my house to thr..20 minutes journey..
quite excited that the car is controlling by mii..
haha..quite 38
1st time driving wa..
2nd less0n i drive to TANJUNG PIANDANG as well..
n c0z is raining..s0 scary..wuuw
n today i learn 3 point turn and hill t0o..
next lesson wil be parking..
hope i can cope it well..
i wan my license n my NEW CAR as dady promised wil buy mii one..
kaka XD

p/s my legs damn pain..T_T
worrying my hubii..she is sick..hope someone take good care of her..

Thursday, October 8, 2009


i m n0w thinking this..
can we change our destiny ourselves?
or we make our destiny ourselves?
our whole life is decided by who?
y we always said tat destiny is playing us around..?

i m moody today..
totally disappointed on her.
she is s0 close to mii when secondary sch time..
we pass by s0 many times together..
play, study, eat, shopping..
why u change s0 simultaneously?
i merely cant rec0gnise her..
standing infront of tat her tat s0 close to mii?

i cry n sad c0z of her
hubii t0ld mi dun to be sad.
bec0z this is the r0ad she ch00se for her own self.
i als0 cant d0 anything.
maybe she think this is a happy way for her..
i als0 cant said anything.
just wish u all the best n g0od luck..

Monday, October 5, 2009


3 of oct..
yea i went langkawi.
f0r praying..with family n uncles
we planned tat start journey at 6am.
bt failed..c0z we woke up at 6am
all plans are spoiled..kaka XD
we t0ok our breakfast at batu curry rice..yummy
vv ful..then dady speed t0 kuala perlis jetty..
abt 1 n half hour we reached jetty..hurray break rec0rd again..XD
during the journey..i m s0 tired..n jux slp..n feel dizzy c0z of dady's car speed.
reached jetty..we meet up uncle lai n uncle daniel
1st time met them..cnt rec0gnise them..and i keep taking pics ignore them
feel so sori..XD

when we reached the ferry jux went away..
s0 unlucky T_T
we have t0 wait f0r another ferry at 10am
waited f0r almost one hour..
daddy them went f0r tea..
i din folow s0 mii t0ok pics at jetty..^^
slpy n tired look T_T

use sunglas cover slpy eyes..ishh !!

around 10am the ferry reached.
the ferry quite stable c0z tat day did nt have str0ng wave
if nt i sure vomit...sick
we reached langkawi jetty at 11am
waited f0r uncle to fetch us c0z our rented van gt pr0blem
straight away go temple for praying..
we are late..aiks..
after praying dadii n uncles them ate rice with curry fish, lamb,chicken.
luk s0 i have no appetite..
feeling dizzy..
after tat we went hotel for check in..
i slp whole afternoon at hotel
feeling nt well..T_T
baby gf said i went langkawi for slping de wor..XD
daddii n uncles them went playing golf at resort..
mumii n br0 went for shopping..

i woke up at 6 something..
hehe..c0z feel hungry..cnt slp anymore.
after bath n xiang xiang myself..
i start taking pics..XD

daddii fetch us at around 7 something
we went dinner.
at one seafood restaurant..forget the name..
mani foreigner r there
europe china taiwan japan
queue wait f0r the seat..
shock mii..c0z i m starving tat time..
haha..luckily we have reserved seat

we are s0 happi t0 get seats..

dady force mii to drink wine n eat s0 mani things..full wa..XD
then we went for ktv lounge at bayview hotel.
ish terrible ~
oldies songs catagories..GAP!!! the 1st time i went ktv n sit there whole nite to choose songs for ppl..
mii n br0 jx sing 2 songs tat nite
uncles n dadii them crazy high...all DRUNK
funny uncle lee's look..make us laugh whole nite..
c0z he is fat ( 100kg)
he is drunk,cnt stand well.walk like snake..
nid 4 ppl to help him to bac hotel..ALAMAK
funny man..~!!

the next day..mii br0 n mummi walked to town areas to have a look..
wa0..gastric..faster g0 get f0od..
damn expensive,
br0 ordered one YONG TAU FOO cost rm10.
shock himm
he said he wil never eat tat again..kaka
we bought mani ch0colates at ch0co valley..
c0sted us rm200..

gt ferrero rocher, andes mint choco, hasley almond choco...

is raining heavily b4 we back to jetty
dady drop us at shoping mall to buy bro's stuff..CONVERSE
while they went to buy wines n brandy..

we went jetty after that..prepare to back home
b4 tat i bought one dress at NAPEL it muchiiee

then say BYE BYE to langkawi...

t0ok inside ferry..silly


p/s tired trip...aiks..T_T