Friday, August 13, 2010

♥B is B.I.T.C.H ♥

yes,u really pissed me off.
till now i only realised that how IMPORTANT myself to you.
i tot i m just nothing for u..and i really merely forget how u look like..umm..dark? skinny?ouch
i duno how big influence me in ur life..!
yes.u said ppl are copying u..excuse me..what is copy in ur definition.?
clothes? oh..u must have to create ur own BRAND..but i guess u dunhv that quality and brain.
make up? hmm..maybe you must create your own product too..
the only things i shud feel guilty is..OH..! i m breathing the same oxygen with u..too bad~
or maybe when we pee...hmm..!!
yea..pray to god..i m pretty upset and guilty right now..
pls forgive my actions..for COPYING her.
how they know that? oh..! they might be following u..a FOLLOWER!

yea,photoshooting..we love what is ur matter now?
u are jealousing? u can just snap so many pics with ur GANGS..with ur new camera. who CARE this shit?

yea,my eyes are not as bigger as yours..if this is the point u want to attack or humiliating over me..gosh u are the one childish and brainless.
before ur GANGs n u..pointing something over others..pls prove it with hard evidence.
my pics are WITHOUT any edit !!

honey said, when someone is comparing you to them..they are always behind you..a LOSER.
when someone telling you their true feeling with heart, pls appreciate it.
well you ruin it..i should said..i m regretting all i have done to you before..act like a silly giver.!
even acting stupid cycle you to sch everyday even i have no class..
HEARTLESS you.!! how good u treat me in return.

and to all the people around YOU,
thats nothing to mess with you all..even rights to comment..
you all are just outsiders...mean-less!
what a humiliating actions..
yes..your four letter word are awesome..what f word..what lj word.
AWW too bad..thats is nothing for me.
i din do anything wrong..and u all have nothing to JUDGE on all r not my GRANDMA!
i might be the topic or the one who can let u all spending the boring life time..
i m doing charity as H said.

u r definitely not in my world..
so please stop all ur nonsense..
i din even know u..please..B..!
get OUT!!


  1. just ignore that bitch ^^
    the more u angry, the more happy she is.

  2. steven,
    i m trying hard..! thanks.
    i wont..coz she is not even in my world.